Prenuptial Agreement
                The Prenuptial Agreement is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand. Prenuptial Agreements in Thailand will be prepared and signed by the parties prior to the marriage registration. The Prenuptial Agreement must be registered at the local office attached to the marriage to marry in Thailand,after marriage,prenuptial agreement will not modified unless permitted by the court.
                If you want to prepare a prenuptial agreement to protect your properties and facilitate properties management whenhave problems in the future, no one expected to be. You have to rely on the legal knowledge to assist you in preparing a prenuptial agreement, and consulting for enforceable under the laws of Thailand.


Lease Agreement

                Lease Agreement of property is not defined of contract form in the law.  Just contracting parties are intended of lease. Contract hire is made, such as lease of car rental or lease of property, etc. When the lease agreement is formed. If either party to breach of the agreement . Other party can  enforce an action to the court. However if the lease a property. The Law requires the proof by writing and signed by the party liable is important to able enforce an action in court.


Q: How to rent a house for a period of five years by legally?


Re: House and land lease must be in writing. And if a period of more than three years and shall be made in writing and signed by the parties shall be liable for and registered with land officer. If you din't do the above conditions when another party  breach of contract. You can enforce an action  just three years, or if there is no evidence in writing, it will not be filed in court.


                If you want to lease land or property in Thailand You should consult with legal knowledge to help you. To protect a  problem that might occur before and after make the contract. Our lawyer team can assist you to vetting agreement including to be the witness for certify on agreement. For protect your right and benefit to be fair of the parties.