Property Services

Due diligent

          If you have any legal documents or business documents is important. The company offers a due diligent. To assist you in the analysis documents both Thai and English language. Which is necessary and an important element in the decision to operate under a principle of neutrality and protect your rights. Checking status that practice with regulations. Management policies,to Review, To identify the problem and liabilities, including the business transactions of the past.

We can provide the services are as follows.

  • Accounting systems
  • The financial statements.
  • The condition and value of the assets
  • Title deed checking


Lease Agreement

                Lease Agreement of property is not defined of contract form in the law.  Just contracting parties are intended of lease. Contract of lease is made, such as lease of car rental or lease of property, etc. When the lease agreement is formed. If either party to breach of the agreement . Other party can enforce an action to the court. However if the lease a property. The Law requires the proof by writing and signed by the party liable is important to able enforce an action in court.


Registration transfer of ownership

1. To assistance to search the land title deed. The scope of services as follows.

  •  To search for documents related to the property. And documentation of property ownership.
  •  Checking the property ownership.
  • Checking a  responsibility of land may occur in the future.
  • Checking the status of the owner or the property rights that a bankrupt. Or insolvent or not.
  • If the property is land, checking there are any restrictions relating to the development of the land or not.


2. Sale and Purchase agreement. The scope of services as follows.

          If the party already made sale and purchase agreement. We will checking agreement that to monitor the integrity and fairness of the agreement. May be negotiated modifications necessary in order to protect your benefit and to achieve fairness between the parties. And provide a legal opinion on the implementation of the contract.


3. Registration transfer process.

          The preparation of forms and documents necessary for the registration ownership of foreign  and Thai person and registered in your name at the Land  Department.


4. Entity Thailand is the ownership of land.

         Our company will set up company and checking the objective and memorandum of the company and power attorney for our client. including obtain a tax identification number, and translation of company document to English language on behalf of company


Business Brokerage 

          What Is A Business Broker? A business broker acts as an intermediary between a seller and a buyer of a business. CSS LAW doing business with Chiangmai Real Estate. They has created a marketplace where buyers and sellers of businesses can meet. A business broker always works to protect the confidentiality of the seller and at the same time understands that buying a business is a major life changing decision for the buyer. 

          If you are looking to buy property in Chiangmai or you would like to rent the land and house. Our business brokerage professionals are dedicated to providing you with superior service throughout the entire buying cycle. Chiangmai Real Estate’s in-house process makes the transition from buyer to owner smooth and uncomplicated. 


Please feel free to contact us for a consultation with our Broker as follows.  

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